A reusable coffee cup that fits in your pocket

Smash Cup is a portable, travel cup great for hot drinks (like coffee and tea) and cold ones. When you’re not drinking, it collapses into a compact, liquid-tight disk, saving you space in your backpack, handbag, briefcase…

My prayers have been answered!!! :O :O










Signal boosting in case anyone needed to know this. 

This is informative as heck. Show this to everyone!

This is actually some great info! Why can’t they teach this kind of thing in school??

Wow, I’ve taken health and sex ed three times during my educational process and never learned any of this. Thanks.

Definitely some important information here!

this is supa awesome.  i do think it should be noted that side effects of EC *really* vary.  when I took EC I didn’t have any symptoms whatsoever.  

The more you know~

When I took EC, my period went missing for three months. Freaked me the hell out, despite having negative pregnancy tests. You cannot imagine how relieved I was to have it back.

This needs to be seen and shared. It’s almost alarming the lack of information or even worse misinformation that exists about these issues in our country.

Ahh. Thoughts. So many of them.

So, there’s this thing which I have. A condition if you will. It might have many a name, and is intertwined with a couple of afflictions - anxiety and inadequacy to name two. And its name is Impostor Syndrome.

It’s real. It’s there. It’s documented - check it out:

And it sucks. Not in the Cal-Skate/ Val-speak kind of sucks, but in the very real, soul sucking and debilitating your every work ambition kind of suck. You know, the crushing kind. 

Lately, my old friend is back. Which might explain why I still haven’t gotten started on putting together a portfolio, digital or otherwise. Why I’m putting off (dangerously, might I add) studying for finals and other scholastic work. Why I find myself reacting weirdly to the guy who’s been paying me honest compliments lately. Sucks. 

But I seem to have discovered something which helps me cope with this ailment. And no, it ain’t liquid or smoke-shaped. Writing seems to help. Which is how I’ve found myself to be doing just that lately, and why quite some of it might come your way. Lucky you. 

Flexing that literary muscle!